BrownWay S.A.

September of 2009 Brownway S.A. starts its commercial activities. Founder, president and CEO of the company is Mr. Sofoklis Xatzivasiliou, who has experience from the food sector being for years Manager of Northern Greece at Kraft Foods Hellas S.A.

The areas of activitys of Brownway S.A. is the service of the retail and of the HoReCa. Specifically Brownway S.A. has the exlusivity for all the region of Greece Milka chokolate while dealing with the full service of HoReCa partners through the professional packages of Jacobs Professional. Puprose of the company is to serve all the partners that are operating at the regions of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Kilkis with products that satisfy all their needs related to coffee.

The storage and distirbution of the company's products until August of 2012 was made by a logistic company. Autumn of 2012 the company was moved to its own storage area and office of 4000m2 at the Oraiokastro in order to achieve more comprehensive service of its clients. The privately owened network of distirbution and storage gave the opportunity to the company to do by itself the distirbution and the storage of the products for better management of the stock but also for better service of the clients.

The technical department supports the proper function of the mechanical equipment of the clients while the organized sales department is increasing and everyday tries to increase their customer base. Important part of the proper functiong of Brownway are the indepedent departments of:

  • Markets
  • Credit control
  • Accounting
  • Logistics

The strategic plan of Brownway focus in long term goals of growth and incluce:

  1. Increase of customer base
  2. Penetrating to new markets
  3. Development of communication strategy
  4. Continious upgrade so the company can offer quality products and even more quality services.

Some of the partners who trusted Brownway, during our operation and continues util today are:

Contact Information

In case of a problem with your order or need to contact Brownway S.A. please use the following numbers:

Tel: 6932744952

Thank you for your preference.


Komninon 19
Postal Code 54624
VAT registration number: 997993907

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